Real Estate Practice Areas
  • Consultation, Review, and Preparation of Real Estate Purchase and Sale Agreements We provide complete legal services for purchase and sale agreements, deeds, easements, and leases (commercial and residential).   We can assist you with options to purchase, partnership agreements, and deeds of trust, notes, and reconveyances.. more info
  • Evictions Within the city of Seattle, evictions are guided by the Seattle Just Cause Ordinance (SMC 22.206.160) Outside of Seattle, evictions are guided by the Residential Landlord Tenant Act (RCW 59.18).. more info

Real Estate Litigation
  • Litigation Our litigation legal service can assist you with adverse possession claims, easement disputes, unlawful tree cutting, harassment, misrepresentation, and construction disputes.
  • Adverse Possession Claims: If you have used or occupied a portion of your neighbors property in excess of ten years, you may have an adverse possession claim.
  • Easement Disputes:If your neighbor is using your driveway without permission or blocking your access, you may have a trespass claim.
  • Unlawful Tree Cutting:  If your neighbor chops down trees on your property or cuts plants or shrubs without your permission, you may be entitled to a judgment for three times the value of the trees and shrubs, plus your attorney fees. 
  • Harassment:  Is your neighbor harassing you?  We can help you get an anti-harassment order.
  • Fraud and Misrepresentation: We represent persons who have been wronged by the fraud and misrepresentation of others in real estate sales.
  • Construction Disputes:We represent both contractors and homeowners in disputes over payment and quality of work (RCW 18.27).  This includes preparation of liens (RCW 60.04) and ensuring contractor compliance with the contractor regulator.  more info
  • Condominiums:We represent Associations and individual owners in dispute over payment of dues and assessments, enforcement of the condominium declaration, and warranty claims under the Condominium Act (RCW 64.34). more info
  • Eminent Domain:We represent landowners who's property is under threat of condemnation by government whether a court case  has been filed or not (RCW Chapter 8).  more info
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Real Estate Attorney Testimonials

“I am a client of attorney John O’Rourke and I have used his services on and off throughout the years. Mr. O’Rourke is professional, competent, highly ethical, and I appreciate the fact he returns my calls and answers my questions in a prompt manner. I work in the legal profession (I actually work at a law firm) and I have chosen Mr. O’Rourke out of all the attorneys I know and work with to represent my interests and handle my legal issues. My family and I couldn’t be happier with the services provided by Mr. O’Rourke and we plan to continue using his services when or if any legal problems arise in the future. I recommend attorney John O’Rourke to everyone I know.” Teri Justice

"I have conducted business with Mr. O’Rourke for over 6 years for my personal and real estate matters. Since joining Windermere Real Estate I have proudly recommended Dan to my clients and associates. No matter what the legal or real estate challenge, he has the experience and expertise to get the job done efficiently. Dan is thorough, honest and trustworthy, giving me a piece of mind that our goals will be achieved without incident. Undoubtedly, Daniel O’Rourke is the attorney whom I can count on to get the job done for our clients."
Cory McGraw
Windermere Real Estate / West Campus, Inc.

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